My first NYC apartment was in Tribeca, back when that sounded like a weird word. Here’s 5 things I remember about this first apartment, with my longer story below.

1My first apartment was a (barely) renovated loft in the Triangle Below Canal Street—a group sublet in the summer of 1985. Even coming from D.C. I appreciated what a huge space it was.

2I shared the loft with four others. I slept on a mattress on the floor of a tiny bedroom. (At least it was my own room with a door!)

3Tribeca seemed very empty, like we were at the edge of the world. The World Trade Center was our main orientation point—if you were walking towards the towers, you were heading south.

4We had tons of visitors during our 3-month sublet—but I can’t even conceive of where everyone slept.


5It was a bit like living in a dusty construction zone, due to the neighbors’ constant renovation/upgrading of their apartments that summer.


Click here to read the full story of how most of my things were stolen on my first night in my first NYC apartment, and how the loft could have cost me my first job. Shocked-Face

Here’s some photos from my story….

Laura E. Kelly, storyteller-in-chief of this site, had many memorable NYC apartments after her first one, but in the late ’90s moved to a house in northern Westchester, where she still makes use of the old dressers from that long-ago first apartment. Find out more about her at

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