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Links, interesting factoids, and tons of NYC nostalgia in photos, music, and videos…


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  • New York Natives Website that taps “native intelligence on all things New York”; with profiles of iconic New Yorkers and neighborhoods
  • NYC: City of Neighborhoods (map)  5 boroughs, 59 community districts, and hundreds of neighborhoods. Which one was yours?
  • Great daily news and oddity site about NYC neighborhoods
  • Streetscapes The fascinating NYTimes column which answers Qs about NYC neighborhood bldgs and landmarks
  • What I Love Where celebrities wax rhapsodic about their New York apartments, via The NY Times.
  • The Hunt The NYTimes real estate column which details people’s hunts for first apartments, and more
  • SoHo Memory Project A website and a traveling exhibit. Read more about it in this story on the blog.
  • Tribeca Citizen History and stories of the Triangle Below Canal. My, how’s it’s changed….
  • The Village Voice Archives Via Google, spotty but interesting
  • The Bowery Boys bloglist Check out this site’s sidebar to see dozens of links to NYC nostalgia sites—filled with photos and stories
  • Things to do, places to see in Queens
  • Tastoria, Queens Fun Astoria, Queens foodie blog
  • The Skyscraper Museum Located in Battery City Park and celebrating the history and lore of NYC buildings

    Skyscraper timeline

    Skyscraper timeline

  • Remember brie, bran muffins, and potato skins?

    The ’80s: brie, bran muffins, and potato skins

    Signature food of the 1980s (via Village Voice article): Remember the first time you heard of “tiramisu”? (Still sounds Japanese to me.)

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